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June 7, 2024 | Fishing Report

Updated: Jun 8

As we anxiously wait for the Yellowstone to start dropping (currently around 20,000 CFS) we will have to look for different fishing options.

Depuys and Armstrong Spring Creek:

If you are looking to test your dry fly skills, than this is a good time of year for you. We have already heard reports of the PMD hatch starting up. This can be some of the best creek fishing of the year if your lucky enough to experience the bugs. A small pheasant tail under Parachute PMD is a deadly combination. Other than that, midges are always a safe bet- olive, cream, red, or black.

Daily Lake:

Choose your day wisely, because the wind can get pretty crazy here. But on calm glass days the big rainbows love to eat off the surface here. We have experienced amazing top water action this month in the past fishing big sedges to rising fish. Also heard the walleye bite could be on…

Yellowstone National Park:

As we wait for our favorite rivers and streams to clear around the Lamar Valley, anglers often journey down to the Firehole and Gibbon rivers. White Miller Caddis and PMDs can be very active this time of year. Swinging soft hackles is always a great start.


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