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An exquisite piece.  Here we have a 8 foot bamboo rod.  It is a 4 weight.  Three pieces with mirror tips.  It comes with a leather wrapped aluminum tube that has baseball stitching.  It is embossed with the Kagerow name.    Traditional lacquer decoration technics called “haku-chirashi” (gold flake finish).

Kagerow Bamboo Fly Rod 4 Weight

  • The 3 month varnish process or (Urushi lacquer finish) comes from the ancient Natural Varnish Tree "Rhus verniciflua". It dates back to 7000 B.C. and has been used on most of Japan's priceless wood art work over Thousands of years. Concerning the lacquer, when fully cured it's stronger than urethane. It creates a very tough membrane on the surface of the bamboo. Because it is very thin, no cracking occurs when the bamboo bends. Also, the lacquer forms a better molecular bond with the bamboo, better than you think is possible. The traditional wiping technique used in Japan brings out the beauty of the natural material. Unlike the lacquer ware (bowls and dishes) that uses many thick coats of lacquer and iron hydroxide to make it black, for bamboo rods a very thin coat is used and then wiped to remove excess. These very thin coats are repeated many times over 3 months and the result is a thin coat that is flexible and waterproof, but heat resistant and very durable. Because urushi lacquer does not use organic solvents, it will not melt down like urethane when exposed to high temperatures. When this process is completed it produces a finish like glass.

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